Round 4, 2022-Match Report

Men’s Seniors

Loss: Defeated by Manningham 4.11-35 to 9.14-68

We ventured to Manningham full of optimism after a promising (albeit loss) to Brunswick in rd 3.

Unfortunately signs early that we weren’t quite on our game was evident with numerous turnovers and lack of run. Our inability to work out from our press allowed Manningham to work their way thru our structure and easily penetrate inside their forward 50, leaving our backs exposed on many occasions. To put in context, if you take out the even first quarter inside 50s were 20 to 48 in their favour thereafter….not good enough.

I must commend our wings Eddison Donelan and Jacko Hatton who worked so hard defensively and provided run out wide. Matt Young did also in the midfield.

In reality, there is nothing more that we could possibly detail in this report from the game. It was just so far below our rd 3 clash against Brunswick.

All our key indicators demonstrate a poor game….tackles down to just 40, stoppage and clearance losses also.

But I know the guys are hurting from this one. Many put their hand up to say they were below their best…..admitting a below par performance ensure learning and improvement and I’m extremely confident of a return to form this week. We are best to put the game behind us and work towards another winning opportunity this weekend with a lot more vigour and discipline.

Best Players: E.Donelan, J.Hatton, S.Robertson, W.Mcleod, S.Veljovic, M.Young

Goal Kickers: S.Veljovic, M.Young, J.Mudher, E.O’Donnell

Men’s Reserves

Win: Defeated Manningham 11.4-70 to 14.5-89

What a fantastic effort by the team to get the first win for the men’s program for the year! We came into the game expecting to be highly competitive against a hungry Manningham side and what we got what was a genuine arm wrestle for 4 quarters. With the scores seesawing for the first half and our young backline under fire it was really pleasing to see our leaders provide a steady hand. Ponsford in the midfield worked tirelessly both ways while Mo Clayton, Mitch Cole, Matt Fraser and Daniel Perry dropped back to ensure we remained organised and composed when momentum was against us. It was this platform in defence that then enabled us to really make the most of our potent attack. With names like Seeger, Donald and Goldsmith up front supported by the guile of Dignam we were always going to be a nightmare to match up on for any defence. Steve Orfanidis’ class from the midfield and ability to get forward was also a constant thorn in Manningham’s side.

As the game wore on and we just couldn’t quite break it open, it was the attitude of the players that really impressed. Rather than get frustrated, the boys rolled the sleaves up and worked harder for each other and started doing all the team things. The shepherding, tackling and chasing from behind lifted and the pressure acts from the likes of Liam Robb to keep the ball in our forward line really caught the eye. This all culminated in a game defining and inspirational chase by Buswell half way through the last quarter. Manningham were throwing everything they could at us and were clear through on goal only for Buzz to chase the player down and ensure there would be no comeback on his watch! Daniel Esdaile’s composure, polish and work rate was a constant pleasure to watch all game. The fact Daniel was able to go to another level when the game was on the line demonstrates he is pushing for senior selection.

Every single player that took the field on Saturday should be proud of their determination and effort in a touch game. This victory is proof that if we work for each other and bring the right attitude each week we will be competitive.

Best: Esdaile, Ponsford, Fraser, Seeger, Orfanidis, Perry, Donald

Goals: Donald 6, Seeger 3, Dignam 2, Esdaile 2, Fraser 1

Women’s Seniors

Win: Defeated Monash 5.8-38 to 4.5-29

The first senior win of the year was an arm wrestle of perseverance and a never say die attitude.

A tight tussle for most of the day, Yarra was able to overrun Monash in the 2nd half even with one less on the bench on the wide-open expanses of the Monash ground.

It was a consistent performance, with the youngsters providing valuable input thanks to Lou’s 2 goals, Isla’s ball-winning and Liv’s run on the wing. Zoe in the ruck was again a standout, whilst Elliott and Kritsy were also super up forward.

Great result, but we need to go back to back this coming week against Geelong.

Goal Kickers: L. Podmore 2, B. Wriedt, C. Sheldon-Collins, K. Brockway

Best Players: I. Baldwin, Z. Scanlon, K. Brockway, E. Elliott, H. Donelan

Women’s Reserves

Win: Defeated Geelong (forfeited) 0.0-52 to 0.0.0

Saturdays game unfortunately was forfeited by Old Geelong. So, our ladies go undefeated with a 4-0 record.

Despite the fact we were unable to find a club willing to give us a scratch match, we will happily take the 4 points, move into the next round with no injury and additional rest and recovery time.

A fair few of our girls arrived Saturday for a light training session and some fun footy games. These games we were competitive team games which involved, skills, trust, backing each other up and communication amongst the group.

These games appeared to have won the approval of all of those involved and it was good to just have a laugh and do something different.

At the end of a session, we played a game of goal kicking knockout, this game was ultimately won by Ami.

After training and games our girls quickly prepared the ground for the seniors by getting goal post padding up and Andrew re-painted the lines.

By midday we had almost every one of our ressies at the club getting ready to support our seniors. Our girls had made a last-minute decision to arrange a brunch and worked really hard to gather, prepare and cook a meal that we could all enjoy together as a group after our training. This was a really lovely gesture by our girls to each other.

Being a home game, a lot of our ressies did everything we could to help our seniors and the club out, filling various jobs around the club and just providing very large group of Ressie supporters for the seniors. Juddy also arrange with her mother to help run the canteen for the day. ( thank you Juddys mum and everyone else )

Special thank you to Stony & illy from the senior group who got to the ground at around 10:30am to help out and for getting involved.

Best on ground for our footy tennis game: Bridget, Nyssa, Sharnna, Stoney ( with one hand )